Q: Do I have to provide my own band tshirts?
A: Yes. You’ll need to pay for and send your own shirt(s) to be altered or used in a design. If you are ordering a new shirt to use, feel free to contact me so that you can have it shipped directly to me.

Q: What size shirt should I send?
A: The bigger the better. Larger shirts give me more fabric to work with, and this can be especially beneficial for certain designs such as flared dresses and skirts. Smaller shirts are usually fine, but may not work for certain styles.

Q: Can I get a vest/jacket/etc without any band artwork on it?
A: Absolutely. I can provide any adjustments based on your preference. Just let me know.

Q: How do I know what size I am?
A: Ready-to-wear items will always have specific measurements listed. For custom orders, I will provide a detailed list of measurements to take on either your body or a garment you already own.

Q: Can I pay in installations, e.g. half up front and half when you’re finished?
A: Except in special circumstances, no. Payment is due in full before I start cutting any fabric.

Q: I’m an artist looking for stagewear, or I’m in a band and would like to purchase a selection of garments to sell to our fans. Do you offer a discount?
A: Yes! I offer an artist discount of 10-20% depending on the project.

Custom clothing requires communication between the client and the designer. Please do not hesitate to contact me at isabel@hammerheartclothing.com